Q: Do I have to be online at specific times during an online class?

A: No, Courses are "aynchronous" which means that while you may have assignments with due dates, you can work on and submit that assignment anytime before that due date.

Q: Can I take a course anytime?

A: If they have an upcoming date on the description! Our courses provide QUALITY and CEUs so we have START and END dates. Student interaction, timely instructor feedback, and application assignments are markers of quality online education.  This not only SETs us APART from other online instructions but ensures that we are more than "online correspondence courses". 

HOWEVER, if you need a course that is not being currently offered, or would like to schedule an online training for your group, just call us...we can set that up for you.  Bonus:  Discounts on group enrollments.


Q: What is a "CEU"?

A: A CEU is a "continuing education unit" sometimes required by accreditating bodies or licensing agencies. A CEU course has specific goals and objectives and provides information on a college level. One "CEU" is usually equivalent to 10 class hours. All of our courses have CEUs through CECPD/University of Oklahoma. A CDA credentail requires 4.5 CEUs for renewal.


Q: I don't have a lot of experience with computers...will I be able to do the work?

A: We say..."If you 'Facebook', watch a "YouTube" video, and text message, you probably won't have any difficulty". Our CDA courses do require that you upload your portfolio items, but we will be glad to walk you through any process! We use a student-friendly platform that we think you will find easy to use! We also have a quick "orientation" course that introduces you to the online platform if you want!


Q:Are our portfolios items included in the CDA courses?

A: Yes, they are. We guide you in completing your documentation and review your work, and provide feedback. It's important to understand that while it is included, it will require hours outside of the course hours. Course hours are for the educational requirement. So plan on an additional 2 hours to complete your documentation. It's a great deal for your time, effort, and money!


Q: How do I schedule a LIVE event?

A: Just call Jan--918-441-3468 or email at to find out details!